Frequently Asked Questions

What will the weather be like during our stay?

On average, temperatures range from the mid 70’s to the mid-high 80’s during the day with occasional spikes either way. At any time of year it can be heavy rain in Haiku/Hana and gorgeous on the beaches of Kihei. The South Maui area (where we are) is mostly a desert-like zone and noticeable humidity is rare.

What kind of clothing should I bring?

Most people wear shorts, slippers or sandals, Hawaiian shirts and/or sundresses. Oh, and plan on spending a lot of time in swimsuits! Except for a possible “fancy” dinner night, you will find Maui is very laid-back and casual. If you are planning to go up Haleakalā please make sure to bring warm clothing including a jacket, jeans etc.

Do I need to rent a vehicle?

Most people prefer a car to tour the island however it is not necessary to have one to enjoy the Kihei area. There is currently a shortage of car rentals in Hawaii and would strongly suggest that you make arrangements as early as possible. You may want to check out the website Turo for local people that are renting their vehicles.

Are there transportation options other than renting a car?

We have Uber and Lyft on Maui. These services can provide transportation to most places though there are some areas such as Hana that would require a car. Or, if you would prefer not to drive the twisty roads of Hana, you can arrange a tour with a local company to drive for you.

What are the nearby options for eating?

5 Palms – beautiful ocean front view

3’s Bar & Grill – happy hour is the time for cheap drinks and excellent food

Eskimo Candy – fish and chips, great food at reasonable prices.

Roasted Chili’s – delicious Mexican food and margaritas

Maui Brewing Company – locally brewed beer and lots of tasty food options

Food Trucks – behind the Azeka parking lot, variety of foods