Local Activities

Maui is a wonderful place to explore local restaurants and take amazing adventures….

You can book local activities with YOLO Activities Hawaii – check out their website!


Nearby restaurants…

  • Nalus restaurant (Azeka Makai) has great food at reasonable prices with live music most evenings and is within walking distance of the Aku Property. Great for breakfast and brunch though they have excellent evening meals https://naluskihei.com/
  • Eskimo Candy family owned seafood café which has quality bites at reasonable prices. They are experts when it comes to food as they provide wholesale to many of the restaurants around the islands https://eskimocandy.com/
  • Kihei Café is very the most popular – cheap and cheerful. Would highly recommend pre-ordering as there is usually a long line https://www.kiheicaffe.net/
  • Lineage innovative Asian-American cuisine https://www.lineagemaui.com/
  • Morimoto Maui Iron Chef Morimoto’s restaurant which is a modern Japanese beach house inspired the design concept http://www.morimotomaui.com/
  • Kitoko Maui is a food trucks based in South Maui Gardens which is a beautiful nursery! Primarily serving seafood with a modern take. You won’t be disappointed with the location and there are other food trucks in the gardens as well!

Additionally, you will also find a variety of food trucks behind the Azeka Mauka (Mountain) side (not to be confused with Azeka Makai – Ocean which is on the other side of the street; opposite side as Nalu’s).

Maui Adventures

  • Road to Hana is a full day trip and best to get the Shaka Tour App and download the Hana tour which does cost about $20. You want to ensure you download the entire tour before leaving otherwise it will not properly work. There are some parks that you need to get tickets in advance so best to check into this ahead of time if you are interested in some of the excursions along the way. You want to set out as early in the morning as possible because the road does get very busy!
  • Haleakala Sunset is absolutely beautiful. You want to give yourself 2.5 hours before sunset to get there to avoid rushing. You can also do sunrise however you have to book this in advance and it can be difficult to get tickets.
  • La Perouse is as far south as you can get on Maui and is a gorgeous walk. You can see wild goats or even possibly a monk seal. Once you hit the lava rock it goes on for quite a while so you might want to turn back before reaching the lighthouse. It has beautiful small beaches along the way.
  • Iao Valley is in Wailuku and is one of the most sacred places on Maui which is rich in history and breathtakingly beautiful.

If you need any additional information or recommendations please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help!

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